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The years of kindergarten are precious years in the growth of children. For some it is the beginning of a scholastic path, for others it is a continuation of an educational path.

In any case, these are the years in which autonomies are strengthened. If in the nursery years the teacher accompanies daily autonomy with gestures and words, gradually, in the childhood years, children become responsible for their personal items, they recognize and manage the daily routine and the moments of care and hygiene personal.

The years of kindergarten are the years of construction of many transversal skills such as observation, analysis, listening, reading and reflection on the natural world, the evolution of logical-scientific thought, empathic skills , the ability to listen and accept different points of view and communication. In these years the expressive languages explored during the first years of the nursery are refined and mastered and the children begin to create with awareness.

The period that goes from 3 to 5 years is also an important moment for the formation of the language , a period during which children carry out great metalinguistic reflections and give order to the phonetics and grammar of the known languages. These are years in which the exposure but above all the careful reflection on languages in a single and comparative way are of fundamental importance and must be supported by teachers.



The EducatioNest Kindergarten School welcomes children aged 3 to 5  divided in

    section 3 years of 20 children

    section 4 years of 20 children

    section 5 years of 20 children

In each section there are 2 teachers, one native English speaker and one Italian. Teachers avail  every day with the support of a body and movement atelierista, a music atelierista, a Chinese language and culture atelierista, a graphics, light and digital atelierista.

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