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The nursery school is the first school educational experience for children and families.

It is characterized by the exit from the family dimension and the meeting of a new community of peers and adults.

It is a path of discovery, of exploration but also a path of great growth and physical and emotional evolution.

The objectives that the school sets itself are those of autonomy , which starts from being able to break away from the family with serenity, and continues in the management of new school routines in relation to the new environments, in the ability to carry out small daily gestures such as taking off and put on your shoes, wash your hands, learn to eat alone and so on.

The Nursery is also the first great experience of community life and socialization , the discovery of the other and of oneself in relation to others.

The years of the Nido are also the years of the first explorations and discoveries that are made using all the different expressive languages, from music to graphic arts, the first sensory and scientific explorations, the study of light and shadows, of colors.

They are also the years of language formation or the most fertile years for the spontaneous acquisition of new languages. Starting from the nursery school, the children are exposed to the English language daily and weekly to the Chinese and German languages.

Great attention is given to small gestures, looks, expressions, needs and personal needs. The paths are built for the entire class group but with a strong focus on the individual paths of each child.



The EducatioNest Nursery welcomes children aged 9 months to 3 years divided into:

    small section of 14 children aged 9 to 15 months  

    mid section  of 16 children aged 15 to 23  months  

    spring section of 20 children aged 24 to 36 months

In each section there are 2 teachers, one native English speaker and one Italian. Every day the teachers avail themselves  of the  and is enriched every day with the support of a body and movement atelierista, a music atelierista, a Chinese language and culture atelierista, a graphics, light and digital atelierista.

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