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Curriculum & Approach

The American Bilingual School is characterized as an 0-13 educational experience that accompanies children and families from the first months of life to middle school.


Reggio philosophy is the cultural matrix that gives shape to every choice and that traces our approach to languages, enjoyed in their naturalness, explored, experienced with hands and eyes as languages between languages, no longer a hundred but a hundred and a hundred more .

Thus the English language gives shape and structure to the school experience of children. In pedagogical continuity and linguistic discontinuity there is a third languages that enrich the school experience: Chinese , also enjoyed in a natural way.

Languages to play, languages to reflect, languages that expand the gaze.

Alongside languages, all the other languages of children, creative and artistic languages, the languages of the body, the languages of nature, the languages of music and the new digital languages that take and shape and become tools of discovery and research, which they give new possibilities in collective fruition.

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